Awaken your Inner Healer

…through the wisdom within

Welcome! This is a space that supports you on your journey of healing and self-exploration, guiding you to the tools within yourself that will sharpen your intuition and reveal a world of infinite wisdom. Through the mind-body-spirit connection, creativity, and nature as our guide, I am here to hold the torch as you journey into the depths of your being. Are you ready to thrive and live a purposeful, connected life?

Creative Holistic Psychotherapy

Discover your unique tools within through individualized therapy; integrating evidence-based, creative approaches that will enrich your path to healing.


Yoga is the science of inner and outer wellbeing; it is yet another way to tap into your inner healer through the wisdom that lies in your body, breath, mind, and spirit. I offer private sessions as well as online live classes.

Kids and Adolescents

Is your child struggling to feel empowered and safe? Are they dealing with anxiety, social issues, or learning difficulties? Do you want to help your child gain self-awareness and coping tools in a creative, playful, and safe way? Find out about individualized creative therapy and yoga for kids.

Hi, I’m Leila!

I am a Holistic Creative Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, and Special Educator.

At the heart of my work, lies the understanding that we all have the capacity to self-heal. Why self-healing? Well, we are all a part of nature. And nature is self-sustaining, self-regenerating, and self-healing. So are we. In a world where we begin to recognize the importance of sustainability, why not apply that to ourselves? Can you imagine a world where we are all our own healers? Where we can help ourselves thrive, along with others,
and our environment?
It starts with you. Right now. Book your free 30-minute consultation.

Experience and Expertise

I have ten years of experience in a combination of these settings, working with both adults and children:

Mental health hospital, charities, schools, learning centers, and private practice.

My specialization is, but not limited to:

(Side note: I believe human beings are much more than a diagnostic label; these are only the tip of the iceberg that can help us find a starting point)

*Offer therapy in English, French, and Arabic. 


– Anxiety
– Depression
– Acute mental ill-health
– Eating disorders
– Autism
– Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
– Learning and intellectual difficulties
– Spiritual crises/awakenings
– The practice of being human…

To Get Started with Therapy

Book your Free 30 Min Discovery Call

We would get to know each other, discuss your needs and discover if I am the right fit for you. 

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After the free call, I will send you a private link to book your session (you can decide to book single sessions or go for a package)



1st Session!

We begin our journey together. It is most effective to meet once a week to ensure we are maximizing our time together and keeping a safe container to support your exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of creative tools are integrated into the therapy sessions?

This could be visual arts, movement, yoga, breathing, visualization, theatre, music… infinite possibilities! All depends on what resonates with you as an individual.

What is evidence-based?

Refers to treatment that is supported by scientific evidence.

What is psychotherapy?

This is a type of therapy that relies on the collaborative relationship between therapist and client. It provides a safe container for you to explore your needs, without judgment. With time, we will develop a therapeutic relationship that will allow you to journey deeply, and safely into yourself

What is meant by holistic?

A holistic approach recognizes all parts of the individual: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. This stems from the idea of wholeness, within ourselves, others, and the environment. By addressing all those parts of ourselves, we can not only reach our utmost potential but cultivate a lifestyle that sustains and empowers this change.

Doing therapy and yoga online?

We will be using the Zoom application for this (link to download). And trust me, I was skeptical at first but it works great! You will be in the comfort of your own home or space, which adds a layer of ease to it. Whether it is for therapy or yoga, the sessions will maintain their benefits, as we use our creativity and adaptability to stay connected and engaged virtually. It is important to have a stable internet connection for this.

Why creativity and the arts?

As human beings, we are inherently creative. Our ancestors knew this; they used the creative process to journey deep into their minds, bodies, and spirits, emerging with insights to better themselves and their communities. Creative arts transcend language, and cultural barriers, meaning it is accessible to all. It can help you give a tangible form to your inner world; it is the language of your unconscious mind.  And no, you do not need to be a professional artist; we are all artists. It is our birthright. Let me guide you into your innate creative potential, and witness the transformation that occurs.

What can I expect from a therapy session? 

Since sessions are individualized, this can look different for everyone. Generally, sessions involve conversation and creative tools that will guide you deeper into your inner world.

How many therapy sessions do I need?

Psychotherapy is not a quick-fix pill. It is a process of patience and commitment to do the inner work. With that said, the length of therapy depends on the individual. Research shows that a minimum of 12 sessions is required to see significant improvement. Again, these numbers are suggestive; when you feel that you are satisfied with the progress and no longer require my support, we can schedule our final session.

Okay, I’m in! How do I book?

Click here to book a free 30-minute phone consultation, where we will discuss your needs and find out if I am the right fit for you. After our call, I will send over the details of the therapy process, and anything else we have discussed in the call.

"Leila has been a life-saver.

She guided me towards reshaping my relationship with myself. Showing me to the place of self-love; this, along with my love for writing, are now my greatest tools, which Leila helped me cultivate. I was silently struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder for years. With Leila, I was able to unlearn so much past conditioning and learn to live with anxiety without it taking over my life. Leila always sees the light at the end of the tunnel and will hold your hand until you see it too. She sees the soul in everyone and the inner child that needs attending-to. She is truly such a genuine and selfless person, you see this so clearly in her approach. Sessions with her leave me feeling so relieved and light.”

H.G: age 22

Leila is a wonderful yoga teacher;

you can tell just how invested she is about catering to the needs of her students by observing and listening to them deeply. Her method, because of that, changes on a weekly basis as she makes the constant effort to be attuned to both her students and the world we live in. Through Leila, I learn to breathe deeper, take things slower, stretch my heart, and engage my core.’

Nur: age 25

"Leila has been doing virtual therapy with my daughter for two months now and I am so pleased to notice how much self-confidence and expression she has acquired.

She had struggled with bullying and expressing herself for so long and was able to form a nurturing bond with Leila to build on her strengths and creativity. My daughter values her sessions with Leila so much. She is especially fond of how many tools she has discovered she already had. It is wonderful to see my daughter shining so bright!”

J.N: Mother of the client, age 52, daughter is 13

I love doing yoga with Leila!

Her hatha yoga class leaves me feeling energized yet calm at the same time. The flows are very intuitive, bespoke, and heart-opening. Much needed on a weekly basis!

Talia: age 27